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As well as the chance to celebrate our nation with the traditional barbeques, beers, and citizenship ceremonies, Australia Day also gives us an opportunity to reflect not only on where we have been, but where we are going.The school holidays proved the perfect opportunity for a "stay-cation"; Floriade was in full bloom, the weather was beautiful and, for the first time, there was no pressure to get a parking spot outside our national attractions.

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The big focus was on small business growth, child care and pension reform, and a raft of tax integrity measures. So says Professor Rob Adams, who has spent the last thirty years transforming Melbourne’s CBD from a series of windswept streets into the vibrant, cosmopolitan city we see today. Eleven days from now Australia’s most populous state heads to the polls, and as with the recent elections in Queensland and Victoria, reform is at the heart of the political contest in New South Wales. There’s no doubt the ongoing leadership troubles besetting the Federal Government have left their appetite for reform in question.Instead, NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes has recently announced a new range of band-aids.Over 2016 the Property Council has delivered literally hundreds of submissions on local, state and national issues.This month, the South Australian government announced it is taking an axe to stamp duty.Over the next three years, stamp duty on commercial property transactions will be phased out – giving businesses a reason to party in the festival stat How do we capture the business benefits of flexible working?Value capture is the policy buzz word of the moment.

On the one hand its advocates point to the substantial infrastructure deficits in our major cities.

And there’s no better place to be in spring than in one of Canberra’s many glorious parks or gardens.

Planning policies of the 20th century have left cities with low-density suburbs and disconnected streets, segregated land use and limited local employment, congested roads and inadequate public transport.

But a new report has found we can eliminate emissions from our buildings entirely by 2050 – and we can do so with technology that exists today.

Australia is having a false housing affordability debate.

The hysteria over “Copy 71” of a Transport for NSW cabinet minute which recommended Newcastle’s light rail be routed down the heavy rail corridor has plunged local politics into a state of high farce once more. According to philosopher Alain de Botton, an ‘intellectual confusion around beauty’ for the last century has delivered building after building, street after street and city after city of ugliness What’s going on in this country? A picture in the National Library’s collection, snapped in the 1950s, shows Garema Place buzzing with life.

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