100 black dating female white

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100 black dating female white

I agree that these men shouldn't be considered in the "Black single men" pool, but only because they are not single. Technically, this is true as those men could divorce their current spouses.

I was sent an email asking if I would be interested in sharing the following infographic on my blog.The rest of the qualifiers need to be applied equally, too.If one person is required to have a job and make ,000 a year to be considered a "good" potential mate, then shouldn't the other person in the equation meet the same standards? Using this logic, I could make any two groups of people look like they are in a crisis.Now there are 81 Black men for every 100 Black women.All of the rest of the qualifiers are too one sided to be of any use.Doesn't that mean that we would have to reduce the number of eligible women using the same standards?

If we eliminate all of the obese men, then we have to eliminate all of the obese women, too.That said, it is my personal relationship that made me react the way I did to this infographic.If I had not been a white woman married to a black man, I probably would have just read through it and then moved on.In short, separating off any two groups of people for comparison puts them in a numerator/denominator relationship. I could show that there are hardly any "good" white women in comparison to the total number of white men.If you then start applying filters to the numerator but do nothing to the denominator, you are of course going to end up with a very low ratio of numerator to denominator by the end. Boyce Watkins demonstrates a similar takedown of this "study" in this post). I could show that there are hardly any "good" male infants in comparison to the total number of female infants.The place where I first got confused by their data is box number three.

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