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1 dating grown guide loneliness make part stupid womans

I swing wildly from knowing it isn’t true to thinking it is.When I’m looking for a new flatmate, I think that marriage would mean I wouldn’t have to keep finding people to live with.

When I was younger, thinner and less cynical, it was easy to imagine that God would send a husband along for me. But I need to remember that in fact I am not unchosen. And at the risk of stating the obvious, if God can create the universe just by speaking (Genesis 1); if he can cause Pharaoh to let the Israelites go (Exodus 12); if he can raise Jesus Christ from the dead (Luke 24); if he can use the purposes of evil men for his good purposes (Acts -24); if he can give us new life and change us from people who hate him to people who want to serve him (1 Peter 1); if he can—well, do I need to list every event in the Bible?

Many of the struggles that surround singleness are my struggles too: tossing up between living on my own (and being lonely and possibly broke) or living with flatmates (and regularly having to find and get used to new ones); turning up to things on my own all the time; feeling the unvoiced wonderings of friends, who think I’m too fussy, or gay, or weird; feeling surprised and disappointed that I’m not married by now, and wondering what’s wrong with me. However, I remain convinced that God’s word in the Bible is true, and I am determined to cling to it.

My life, my struggles, my circumstances have changed over the years, but God has not. So this is a plea to my dear Christian sisters who are single but would love to be married: don’t stop trusting God. Don’t let Satan get to you with his subtle lies, which come from all directions.

You cannot be made valuable, because you already are valuable.

You are valuable because God Almighty himself tenderly created you—in his own image, no less!

I’m tempted to tell you about one of my friends, who thinks she does not matter to anyone yet gives up her time week after week to help out with youth group.

Or another friend, who cannot tell me a single positive thing about herself but who is often quite thoughtfully supportive of her friends and family.

For me, it varies from ‘fat’ to ‘ugly’ to ‘horrible’, depending on the day. People of all shapes, sizes and personalities are single, and people of all shapes, sizes and personalities are married.

But I can think of so many friends who are beautiful in the world’s eyes, who are lovely, funny, kind, delightful… What is attractive to one is not attractive to another.

I’m tempted to talk about all the ways in which we single people can contribute to the lives of those around us.

But that would suggest that our value comes from what we do, which is just as bad as thinking that our value comes from what other people think of us!

I could just get used to my husband, and that would be it.